Help Me! I See Winter Sales!

It’s that time of year when stores are trying desperately to clear winter season stock to move in early Spring stock, and the sales are amazing! But for us “sales addicts” it’s a dangerous time.

Before you head out to the mall, here’s some help before you open your wallet:

My guide to shopping the sales now, and for all seasons:

Ask yourself first:

  1. Do you need it? This pre-supposes you actually know what you already have in your closet and know what pieces you need to make complete outfits. If you don’t know, don’t buy.
  2. Does it fit? A $25/55/95 shirt/pants/dress reduced by 50% is only a bargain if it actually fits you right now. Not 5 lbs from now. Not with gaping art the bust or pulling at the crotch.If it doesn’t fit now, don’t buy.
  3. Is the colour good for your skin colour? Again, this pre-supposes you already know what you most flattering colours are but if you hold the shirt or dress up to your face and look tired with shadows or yellowish in the new garment, it’s likely the wrong colour. Don’t buy.
  4. Ok, it fits, flatters and the colour is good. Do you have anything already in your wardrobe that you can wear with it or are you just buying an “orphan” piece that will sit in your closet. Find at least 2 pieces that will make it a complete outfit or don’t buy it.
  5. Ask yourself ” would I buy this if it was full price?” If you wouldn’t, don’t buy it.
  6. Finally, do you LOVE it? Not like “it’s such a bargain” but REALLY love it. If not, don’t buy it.

You may think I’ve taken all the excitement out of the sales hunt, but spending money on clothes you’ll never or seldom wear is just throwing money away. Have a plan first of what you actually NEED and then off you go to your sales hunt! Good hunting!

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