33 Things to Eliminate From Your Closet

by Project 333

  1. Anything with shoulder pads, even if they are making a comeback.
  2. Your high school jeans that haven’t buttoned since high school.
  3. That formal outfit you bought for one occasion.
  4. Your ex-anyone’s anything.
  5. Christmas sweaters.
  6. Things that are ripped or have holes that aren’t supposed to be there.
  7. Pieces you can see through unintentionally.
  8. Those super cute shoes that you can’t walk in.
  9. Sentimental items that make you sad.
  10. The warm coat you don’t wear. Someone needs it more than you.
  11. Sentimental items that don’t fit. Take a picture.
  12. Clothes you are saving for your children.
  13. Pieces that need to go to the tailor that never get to the tailor.
  14. A bridesmaid’s dress they said you could wear again, and you know you won’t.
  15. Hats you don’t wear even though everyone says you look good in hats.
  16. Ill-fitting bras. Feature your features.
  17. Purses. You only need one.
  18. Clothes that don’t belong to you. Give them back.
  19. Anything with a weird smell that won’t wash out.
  20. Clothing or shoes that leave a mark or blister.
  21. Scarves that don’t go with anything you currently own.
  22. Clothes that don’t allow your underwear to be under.
  23. Anything you have to squeeze in to.
  24. Clothes you bought on vacation that you won’t wear where you live.
  25. Pants that are shorter than they are supposed to be.
  26. Shirts that are longer than they are supposed to be.
  27. Sequins and sparkles if you prefer simple and subtle.
  28. Anything with a stain that won’t come out.
  29. Guilt items. If you spent too much for it, dump the guilt. You’ll keep paying for it in time and attention if you don’t let it go now.
  30. Multiples. Just because the blazer looked good in cream doesn’t mean you need it in every color. One is enough.
  31. The top or bottom of a suit. They aren’t sold separately for a reason.
  32. Clothes you can pet.
  33. Yoga pants that don’t go to yoga.

Most of these items have made an appearance in my closet and I don’t miss any of them. If you had a strong reaction to anything on the list or have every item in your closet, take a deep breath.  This list is slightlytongue in cheek, and of course, you have to decide what to keep and what to donate, but ask yourself why you are holding on to the things you don’t wear.

When you figure out why you don’t want to let go, you can let go.

  • If it’s something sentimental, would a framed picture of you or someone you love wearing the item be a better way to enjoy and honor the memory?
  • Instead of holding on to your sealed up wedding dress, would you feel happier and more connected if you donated the dress but saved a small piece of fabric from the inside to sew onto something you wear all the time or to save for a child’s future wedding?
  • What about the trendy, expensive item that doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable. Why not donate?
  • If you are holding onto stuff that you bought for a life you don’t live, give it away and figure out what you really want and how to get it.

Don’t be afraid of empty space in your closet. It might feel weird at first, but when you can get dressed in the morning without stress and struggle, you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of owning less.

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