Closet Sweep & Shop!

If your closet is full of clothes and you still have nothing to wear, it’s time to do a wardrobe edit! Your earlier colour and style analysis consultations will guide us as we look through your existing wardrobe. We’ll edit your closet, clearing clutter, analyzing what works what doesn’t work (and why) and what’s needed to update your wardrobe, including accessories. We’ll decide what to keep, alter, recycle or replace.

Then we’ll “go shopping” in your closet and expand your existing wardrobe by finding coordinating pieces in your closet that you never thought of wearing together. I’ll then take a photo of each re-imagined complete outfit and send them to you so you have your own “Look Book” –  a permanent record of each “new” outfit!.

I’ll also leave you with a “Master Shopping List” of items that need to be added to complete an outfit or create a well-balanced wardrobe, saving you time on your next shopping trip. Or we can continue your journey by going shopping together!

And at the end of the session, you’ll have an organized closet containing only pieces that complement your personal coloring, body proportions, lifestyle needs, and personality!

Closet Edit & Consultation
Need help to tackle your closet and organize your clothing?
Time: depends on how is in your closet
Location: Your home
Cost: $75 per hour, 2 hr. minimum

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