Confused? Layer Your Clothes!

7a413005037635c63996eeb441a8ba28Welcome to the most confusing time of the year! Yes, it’s ” What do I wear today” weather. The kind of weather that starts cold, warms up, warms up some more, and then drops back down into ‘coat and gloves’ temperatures.

So how to cope with the fluctuating temperatures?  Layers. Layers of layers.

If you’re like me and pack away your summer clothing due to lack of closet storage space, go and dig out a couple of camis or sleeveless tanks. Put one under a button down shirt or v neck long sleeve basic knit top and you’ve solved the middle of the day comfort dressing.

451600572-1  In the colder mornings, add a top layer of a cardigan, pull over sweater or non-“Michelin Man” vest – something that easy to shed when you getting warmer.

It’s important that the fabric you choose for each of the layers is not heavy or highly textured which will add visual weight to you, as well as possibly overheating!

Right now you can often get away with a lighter coat over a couple of thin layers until the temperature really plummets. Just add a mid-weight scarf at your neck for extra warmth. and maybe some gloves for early and late in the day.8802464af9b6a6375436f40046358caa

Soon enough wool sweaters and down coats will be a neccesity  but for now, in our every changing climate, layers are the way to go!

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