DIY: Nail polish + Necklace = YAY!

I don’t know about you but I love looking at DIY projects online. And I love tinkering with jewelry – shortening or lengthening necklaces or taking old pieces apart and putting them together in a different way. So when I tried and failed to find a necklace in the colour I wanted (pastels are not for me!), I decided to buy the least expensive one I could find in the shape I wanted, and try to change it’s colour by myself.

After a less than $10 purchase at Forever 21 (funny that’s my nickname for myself!) I dug out several bottles of nail polish and choose a colour – deep fuchsia, one of my favourite colours. I found a tiny brush I didn’t mind throwing away after (the nail polish brush was too big for this job), held my breath and started painting the pale pink flowers a bright fuchsia!


I needed several coats and then decided to shine it up with a layer of clear top coat.


Voila! The necklace I wanted in the colour I wanted.



With the amazing array of nail polish colours available today and a couple of Dollar store craft brushes, you could update earring, bracelets and necklaces in any colour you want!

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