Eight “Black Friday” Sales Tips!

Excited Shopping Woman Black Friday sales have come to Canada in a big way with in-person shopping deals as well as on-line shopping. Tomorrow (today for many stores) it’s possible to score top deals for just about everything you may be wishing for this season. But there are some tips for shopping that may make it a day without regrets!

1. Do Some ResearchUnknown-3

Know your prices! Be aware that some stores will add in regular priced items in their Black Friday flyers knowing people will buy thinking it is a good deal.

Make a list of the items you want to buy and what their regular prices are (easy to do on-line) Compare these prices to what’s in the flyers and you’ll know if the deal really is that good. If you’re shopping in person, you may find that not all deals will be advertised, so you may find more deals in-store.

2. Set a budget! (SUPER IMPORTANT)Unknown-2

Door-crashers and unadvertised sales plus random items you just have to have can be tempting, so know how much you want to spend AND can afford to spend! Some deals can be final and “buyers remorse” is no fun. Black Friday is pointless if you overspend – especially if you can’t afford to!

3. Where to shop?

Are you the kind of person who loves the excitement of the bargain hunt? Go in person to imagesthe mall or the store of your choice – game on! For those who can’t or won’t deal with the shopping chaos, on-line shopping is the answer. Black Friday deals often have limited quantities, so shopping  on-line may actually get you that item that might be snatched up in-store.

4. Start early!

Many stores are opening early. Check for when your store opens, and be there when it opens. Remember – limited quantities = get in, get it, get out!

5. On the Day…article-2360040-1AC282D1000005DC-970_306x570

Wear comfortable shoes. Sounds obvious but it’s still true. Carry a bottle of water and some packable snacks so you don’t need to stop to eat.

6. Keep your receipts!

We have all come home and wondered what happened to that one receipt we need, so make sure you keep them, especially for big ticket items. Stick an envelope in images-1your purse and put them all in that rather than your wallet so you don’t risk losing them when you pull cash out.  You may need the receipt for a return on a faulty item or for proof of purchase for warranty.

7. Be aware!

Sad but true, big shopping holidays like Black Friday and Boxing Day will bring out criminals.  Watch your purse, wallet, keys and bags with your purchases.

8. Waiting for Cyber Monday?vscocam601

Make sure that your mail-person will NOT leave items at the door if you are not home. December is a prime time for stealing mail.

Ready to shop? Hit those bargains hard!








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