Personal Shopping 101

There are many people who hate shopping for clothes and who can blame them? If you don’t know what colours and clothing shapes suit your body, you’re bound to find shopping a nightmare! And when you do shop, how much money have you wasted on shopping mistakes?

Years of shopping for clothing for films and TV have made me an expert on what’s in every store in the HRM! I’ll only take you to the stores that fit your body, style and budget.

An added bonus – After an initial consultation, I can even shop for you when you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

If you have had a style & Closet Edit, I can pre-shop to pick only the clothes that will best suit you and that have been identified already on your Master Shopping List. You can arrive and get started trying on clothing right away, saving you time and ensuring that your purchases will fit, flatter and be coordinated with your existing wardrobe!


A Personal Shopping Trip
This is where the lessons, tips and rules come together and you’ll make some confident purchases:

Location: The best store or stores for you
Cost: $35 for pre-shopping consultation if you have not had a previous consultation with Jeanie
And $75 each additional hour, 2 hour minimum