My Personal Style Profile!

Why do some clothes flatter us and others don’t? Everyone has a unique body and knowing what clothing will work best for you is the first step in making dressing fun and easy. Are you projecting an image that suits the real you? Do you know what your “style” is?

We’ll work together to discover what your real style is and how to show it with your wardrobe.

I have been trained and certified in Body Shape and Personal Style at the Image Resource Center New York.

As a former fashion designer in NYC and costume designer for film and TV,  I am uniquely qualified to offer this service.

My Personal Style Profile! includes:
A workbook with personalized information
Recommendations on the best styles for your body shape including fabric, texture, pattern and accessories as well as the stores that will have the clothing that works best for your style and budget

Time: 1.5 hours
Location: Your home
Cost: $125