I wanted to send you your well-deserved rave review. You were so helpful for me at a time when I had no energy or inspiration for my wardrobe. As a new mother starting a fancy new job, I desperately needed clothes I felt comfortable and confident in. I hate shopping, always have. I am so glad I asked for your help. You were so efficient and blunt in the best possible way. You made me laugh and boy did we get a lot done in the short morning we spent together. I got a whole work wardrobe without coming anywhere near my budget, plus you helped me clean out my old ugly stuff. Now I go to work and I don’t even think about what I’m wearing. I feel good, I can focus on my work, and it takes no time to pick an outfit in the morningI have recommended you over and over. Thank you!!

Heather Himmelman, Halifax

 I had a fantastic time. I feel better and look much better as well. You have a fantastic eye and were a pleasure to learn from. Thanks for the tips, and the information. 
Peter Sayeau, Halifax
I really dislike clothes shopping and had been hanging onto a wardrobe that was almost all too big for me. Jeanie was the answer. Here’s how she helped me:

1. helped me understand the clothes that look best on my figure;
2. motivated me to do a major closet purge (and helped me do it!);
3. showed me how to wear some of the clothes I had left;
4. shopped with me and helped me select a whole new wardrobe.
It was totally awesome having someone to ‘coach’ me through trying on what must have been over 100 pieces of clothing. I bought 27 new items, plus accessories. I won’t have to shop for clothes again for awhile but the next time I do, I’ll want Jeanie at my side.

-Linda Daley, Daley Progress, Dartmouth

“Jeanie helped me pick out my wedding outfit, She was awesome and helped me pick out the right suit and accessories. I would have been lost without her.”

– Peter Duke, Halifax

“Thank you for all your help today! I learned some amazing things!”

-Samantha Brown, Lakeside

“Feeling unwell and frantic about getting ready for a southern vacation, I was groggily happy to be saved by Jeanie who came over and, using a couple pieces of my clothing for sizing, went shopping. A couple days later, I woke up in a Cuban hotel room to a closet full of pretty, flattering and perfect-fit clothes bought by Jeanie. I was ecstatic knowing I would be colour-coordinated and well-dressed the entire time. Also I have a truly terrific summer wardrobe—without even leaving the house. I’m still in awe…it’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

-Lindsay Meredith Brown, Halifax

Thanks so much Jeanie for the educational and productive shopping trip – getting dressed for work is (dare I say it) fun and easy now!

Mary Kate Needler, Dartmouth

“I find money spent on ‘Style Me’ sessions is such a wise investment. Sessions with Jeanie are fun and focused. They help me to buy that I will really wear, enjoy and look good in. Jeanie is amazing in tuning in to my fashion sense, my life, my closet, and working with it.” “Jeanie has helped me to dress from my closet for several special occasions, with a new pair of earrings, a scarf and/or new shoes. Taking pictures of the outfits we put together from what we find in my closet is a great way to record new ‘finds’. I check back to those pics when I’m stuck for something to wear. This has been a great time and money-saver. ““Jeanie has also been very helpful in assisting me to find the perfect wardrobe for trips that involve multiple stops, climates and occasions. It feels so good to be on the road and know you have the right outfit for any occasion.”

– Cathy Busby, Halifax

“What an awesome day I spent with Jeanie! She took an old wardrobe and made it work for me, designed a capsule wardrobe for the winter during our shopping spree, and made the entire experience a fun one. She has the expertise and personality to help anyone turn their wardrobe around! Thanks Jeanie!! I look forward to our Spring shopping spree!”

– Cathy Cornelius, Halifax

“Jeanie was fantastic. Her way of working with me was clear, stress-free and efficient. With her guidance, I accomplished more in 3 hours than I have in a year of shopping avoidance. She had great advice on cut, fit and colour and even got me to try on things that never would have occurred to me as suitable for my body type. She took all the anxiety and stress out of the shopping experience. I would highly recommend her services.”

– Sarah Baillie ND, Halifax

“Jeanie taught me how to build on what I had with smart choices. The result was miraculous. Before working with Jeanie I had 9 possible outfits in my closet. After working with Jeanie I now have over 25 different outfits! A small investment in the right pieces and now I stand in front of my closet every morning with excitement instead of dread. Everything in my closet works – no more old worn, torn things taking up space. Best of all, Jeanie was able to help me rediscover my own unique style. “

– Carol MacDougall, Dartmouth

“I asked Jeanie to help me with the purchase of an interchangeable “capsule” wardrobe for a trip to the Netherlands – I was determined to travel with only one small- to medium-sized suitcase. She went through my closet, told me (and she was right) that I buy clothes too big for me, and took me shopping. We ended up with a whole new look that takes full advantage of my height and (relative) slimness, clothes and accessories in which I feel comfortable, classy, and confident. Jeanie’s help was invaluable; she stayed within budget, and in consequence I can’t recommend Style Me! Wardrobe Consulting too highly.”

– Jill MacLean, Bedford

“Jeanie has rescued me many times over the years by helping me find an entire season’s wardrobe in a feverish whirlwind of shopping…often just hours before my plane took off! I certainly offer some challenges with my “fitting issues” but because of her expertise in this field, the mission was” “always accomplished! Armed with my colour palette, we would focus on functional and seasonal needs, fill the dressing room with stacks of style choices and multiple sizes and “try on” until we were successful. She’s amazing!”

– Roberta Palmer, Bedford

“I can’t recommend Jeanie and her personalized service enough. Fun, confidence boosting, budget conscious–I’d recommend a styling date with Jeanie for every season. She’ll change how you see yourself, while never losing who you are.”

– Shandi Mitchell, Wellington

“The workshop you gave on colour analysis and body shape and style was a great hit with all four of us! We learned lots and especially enjoyed your critique of the clothing we brought with us. My personal closet edit the next day helped me move forward with my “new” style, and the wardrobe you advised me on has served me well this summer. Thanks again Jeanie for all you taught me. I could not have been more pleased with the workshop, the advice and closet culling.”

– Lillian Ripley, Wallace

“Jeanie had her hands full with the edit of my closet. I had clothing from 20 years ago crowding the clothing from the last 10 years. I tried on lots of these items and Jeanie showed me exactly why some didn’t fit properly and how they could be altered or if they just needed to be donated to charity. Then we were off to the mall where Jeanie showed me clothing that was so much more flattering to my coloring and body shape. I was thrilled with my purchases and thrilled with the reception they received that night at my birthday dinner.”

– Ann Miller, Halifax