Why are the summer clothes gone from the stores? It’s history to blame!

"Atelier de Couture", 1854 Jules Trayer

“Atelier de Couture”, 1854
Jules Trayer



Yes, it’s that strange part of the year here in the Maritimes, when the hot weather is here but summer clothes are in short supply in the stores. What is left is on sale (good) , but the selection is limited (bad).

Why is the arrival of seasonal clothing so out of sync with season it’s meant for? The answer lies in the past when there was little, if any, mass made clothing available to women.

custom measurements

custom measurements

Clothing was either made by someone in your household, or, if you were well off, by a seamstress. And until the1860’s when the sewing machine became available, clothing was sewn by hand and that took time and plenty of it especially when the design for the outfit used expensive material and ornate embellishment. So orders for clothing needed to be placed many months in advance of the season in which it was meant to worn in order to allow time for the garment’s production.

sewinf machinist


When mass produced garments started being made in early 1900’s, the time schedule for clothing should have changed due to the speed in which clothing could now be produced but it didn’t. The timetable used for decades before became an unalterable standard.



So if you’ve ever wondered  why spring clothing hits the stores when we’re up to our knees in snow? And why you can’t find pair of shorts in stores when it hit 34 degrees?

Blame it on the history of clothing production!






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